Welcome to MISSY LOIS

Missy Lois is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog created solely for the lovers of beauty, fashion and all the good things in life.


Meet Lois

She’s a dreamer. A lover of frothy hot chocolate and all things sweet. And animals (don’t forget those little critters).

An idealist, if you will.

A growing, curious girl in her teens with the hopes of sharing her experiences and inspirations. She sees the beauty in life and believes in the individual style. Everyone is beautiful!

P.S Lois is her non-de-plume!


Privacy Policy & Copyright

Missy Lois will not sell or give away any contact information inputted into this blog.

All credits of photos and other information not mine will be duly given to the best of her ability. Do not hesitate to contact her if  she has missed out on any or if you would like your photo to be taken down.

If a photo does not have any credits, Lois took it! Ask for permission before posting or using it. Email Missy Lois at missyloislove@gmail.com


Review Policy

All reviews are based on Missy Lois’ personal experiences and opinions. Reviews will be honest regardless of whether the product was purchased by Missy Lois or sent complimentary. Read the full disclaimer policy here.


Blow a Kiss

Talk to Lois by leaving a comment or by dropping her a mail at missyloislove@gmail.com

Everyone’s welcome to join the tea party!

For businesses, advertisers, bloggers seeking opportunities to work together, read the full details and disclosure policy here.

Read, enjoy, have a good laugh and feel free to share your own bits of life.



Missy Lois


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